Bushman’s Revenge – You Lost Me At Hello (album review)

Are you kidding me?

It seems like with every latest improvisational album from Rune Grammofon, I say to myself, “there’s no way that this can continue any longer.” I keep telling myself that the next release I hear from the label will simply run aground and afoul as it retreads similar ideas from past groups on the label, but here is Bushman’s Revenge proving me wrong once again. You Lost Me At Hello is the second album from the young trio comprised of Even Helte Hermansen, Gard Nilssen, and Rune Nergaard, and it finds them taking the groundwork laid by fellow Rune Grammofoners and then stomping down on the pedal even further.

The most similar group that one might draw comparisons to is Scorch Trio, but whereas that former group tended to double-dip on the avant jazz leanings with explosions of Hendrix-style shredding, Bushman’s Revenge leans much more rock and even metal. “Count The Holes In Your Head” kicks off the 8 track, 50-minute album and it’s full-on doom sludge, with an absolutely thunderous rhythm section that grinds away behind alternately massive slab riffs of guitar and arm-bending pyrotechnics.

“Count The Holes In Your Head” – Bushman’s Revenge

On the flipside, album-closer “Champagne For My Real Friends” opens with some clean guitar chord progressions that make it sound like it’s going to be a real lighter-raising balladeer. Over the course of 5 minutes, though, the group slowly twists and grinds it through a passage of squiggling psych and finally a chant-along chorus that arrives as some sort of twisted version of what you might have expected in the first place. It’s one of the more straightforward cuts on the entire release, and it’s still pretty darn massive.

“Champagne For My Real Friends” – Bushman’s Revenge

Along the way, they go through everything from trippier, mellow tracks (the hilariously-titled “Ghostwriters In The Sky”) to short slivers of dark ambience (“Hell Is For Hello”) and several more slash-and-burn workouts that hammer together jazz, metal, and improv in ways that are so much better than other groups doing similarly-minded stuff (with the nearly 9-minute “No Sleep ’till Hammerfest” being a particular, hard-swinging standout). There’s everything from Sabbath to Ornette Coleman wafting through the mix here, and it’s a testament to these guys that they manage to keep it all sounding invigorating and yes, rocking.

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4 Responses to “Bushman’s Revenge – You Lost Me At Hello (album review)”

  1. Martin Says:

    Dang, I miss the ratings, but I can tell this is really above there somewhere. I’ve been buying a lot of Rune Grammofon releases now based on the recommendations from both your old site and this site and I must say I’m very happy with the label. 🙂 Once this little gem hits my nearest store (Dotshop.se), referrabyl on vinyl, I won’t sleep!

  2. aaron Says:

    Although there aren’t any ratings, you’ve basically got to figure that anything I review on this site would have received at the very bare minimum a 7.5 on my old site, and with how selective I’ve been since I started, I would venture to say that everything reviewed so far would be an 8 at the lowest. Maybe one or two exceptions, but like I say on my about page, this is all stuff that I really enjoy (including some things that would probably get between 9 and 10 on the old scale).

  3. Martin Says:

    Yep, it’s more than obvious that these albums on here are all the podcast-worthy albums of the old site, mixed with some really great reissues. What was so nice about the ratings though was that I could compare for example Arcade Fire’s first release to their second, in terms of ratings I mean, or Elephant9’s to Bushman’s Revenge for example. It’s not that much of a big deal in the end, but you had a well invented scale and an interesting consistency to it that seemed to go well with the readers I think.

    Anyhow, that’s the past. I’m more than happy as long as these reviews keep coming served. 😉

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