Bushman’s Revenge – Jitterbug (album review)

buy Jitterbug at amazon.comIf you were a person who loved You Lost Me At Hello, the previous album from Bushman’s Revenge, there is about a 95% chance or so that you will really enjoy their new album Jitterbug. If you only thought that previous album was good or even decent, but figured that it was a bit on the noodly side and could stand to have a bit more focus, then you should definitely give the band a second chance with this newest release.

That’s not to say that Jitterbug is streamlined or even straightforward, but there are a lot more hooks to grasp onto here, and everything has been tightened up nicely. The best part is that it’s done both of those things without removing any of the sometimes ferocious and often quite rocking quality that the band is so good at.

With 9 songs running roughly 53 minutes, it packs one more song into a couple more minutes than their previous album, but that’s a bit misleading as the opener eats up almost one-fifth of that total time, while the remaining tracks all ratchet things down a bit more. And even though the opener runs an even 10 minutes, it hunkers along with a nice swagger before deciding to melt faces for the last 3 minutes.

“Kill Your Jitterbug Darlings” follows and barely takes a breath for just over 4 minutes, with scorching guitar riffs that jam right along upside some squealing Hammond organ that just knocks it out of the park. It’s all ascending melodies, swirling skyward with giddy momentum, and it’s one of the best things that the group has done to date.

“Kill Your Jitterbug Darlings” – Bushman’s Revenge

“Damage Case (happy Go Lucky Karaoke Version)” is even harder than the previous track, slamming forward for just under 3 minutes with a mutated blues riff that blurs into jazz metal freakouts during a couple points.

The group certainly isn’t above taking it easier, though, and the one-two closers of “Personal Poltergeist” and “Waltz For My Good Man” both take things down several notches without managing to get boring in the least. The former drifts along with some mangled, but mellow phased guitar and supernatural synths, while the latter is the opposite of their previous album closer, with almost completely clean tones taking things down to a quiet, In The Country-esque level.

Continuing their love of puns, “While My Guitar Gently Breaks” is another blues-tinged number that again manages to be something than mere homage. There’s some real technique in the chops (as there are on all the cuts here), and smooth preludes give way to intricate breakdowns and a few well-timed blow-outs. There’s a lot of bang for the buck in six and a half minutes.

“While My Guitar Gently Breaks” – Bushman’s Revenge

As I mentioned above, this is another fine album from the group, and yet another great entry from the Rune Grammofon label. There’s everything from psych to prog to damaged blues and jazz here, but the trio pulls it off without a hitch.

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