The Wall

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  1. Martin (Sweden) Says:

    Hey Aaron. A long-time reader of your old site here. First post on the wall I guess! Just wondering what has changed for you in your listening habits since you moved over to this site? Are you still keeping up with the pace you used to and going through large amounts of records or are you rather playing it safer and listening to stuff you know for a certain will be good (Andrew Bird, Animal Collective for example)? So far I’m liking what you’ve written here. 🙂 Although I miss the ratings a bit, I can sort of guess it after reading almost cool for so long. 😉
    Have a nice day!

  2. Jon Says:

    Hey Aaron,
    Thought you might like this:

    …180g reissues of The Blue Notebook (& several others, yes Agaetis Bryjun too). Pretty awesome! Liking the site too, more like a guarantee that something’s good if you’re even mentioning it (which I guess is what Almostcool was, but now you can be more focused, which is certainly not a bad thing).

  3. Dr Marin Says:

    hi Aaron, scuse me my poor enghish !
    i’m argentine and live in tuscany (italy)
    thanks for your style and recommanded ! i don’t remember the first time i read your old site but each week after this time always read your recommanded..
    i write e blog of art in italian and spanish hobby…
    if you come to tuscany please write me and meet and guide for the beautiful tuscany !

    best regards


  4. Freddie Says:

    Hey, I just thought I let you know that Almost Cool was one of the music review sites I actually enjoyed and I found a lot of great new music through it. I’ll be sure to check this new site now.

    Keep it up 🙂

  5. Ghostbuster Says:

    More Amazon reviews needed to help people find this place! 🙂

  6. jon Says:

    Hey Aaron,
    I think you should still do year-end lists / mixes 😛

    Probably effected what ended up on my turntable / other playing devices over the years quite a lot more than anywhere else, though I suppose the reduced number of reviews could serve as a similar guide.

    Anyway, thanks for the continued well-measured words!


  7. danny b Says:

    Aaron, where are you? Haven’t heard from you in a while (in terms of you updating your site, I don’t mean to give the impression we actually know each other!). Hope you’re okay, fella.

  8. chebon Says:

    Hi Aaron, hope you are well. I found myself being a bit worried about you. I and many others are diligent fans of your taste making, I always look forward to your year end mixes and just great finds in general. Thanks for all the dedication over the years.


  9. aaron Says:

    I’m alive and doing well. A year-end list and mix will be coming in the next week or so. I promise. 🙂

  10. Gabriel Says:

    uahhh !!!
    grazie Aaron !!!!
    I like so much your reccomend music !!!
    Good 2011 for you !
    Gabriel, an argentine in Tuscany

  11. Elliott Says:

    recently just found almostcool again after a number of years. i first started reading in 2002, probably, and remember linking to your site from my blogspot. stopped reading regularly maybe in 2005. it’s great to see you still writing. your reviews heavily influenced my taste in music over the years, so i just wanted to thank you for that.

  12. Egg Syntax Says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Just want to say that I sure miss having an end-of-year list from you. I’ve enjoyed them enormously for years, and I was just looking back at the 2010 list and realizing how many of the albums on it became favorites of mine. I fully support you in moving on to other things, but I hope you’ll consider even posting an un-annotated list of best albums for 2011 so those of us who really appreciate your taste can go look into them on our own.

    Best wishes.

  13. GullyFoyle Says:

    I just want to echo the Egg – hope I see a post from you “By Popular Demand” that contains your best-of . . .

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  15. Philippe Says:

    Hi Aaron Coleman,

    My name is Philippe Garceau and I’m the main member of The Bright Road band from Montreal. I wanted to share with you our debut album ”Norway”. You can review it if you’re interested.

    Thank you, have an awesome day


  16. Pharmd675 Says:

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  17. Jason Says:

    Hi Aaron! I was thinking about Almost Cool music reviews today and I wanted to drop you a note to say your site used to be my very favorite place to find out about new music between ~2003 and 2008. I found out about a ton of my favorite albums from your site, so THANK YOU! 🙂

    Also, since we have very similar taste in music (Bjork/Boards of Canada/Sufjan Stevens/Joanna Newsom/Radiohead/Do Make Say Think/ASMZ…the list goes on!!), you might like my band. The link is in the “website” field if you’re interested! 🙂

    P.S. thanks again for all the tunes 🙂

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  20. Simone Says:

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